About the Chevron Key and it's Builders

The Key Builders

Kevin M0AGA

Alan G4HCD

The Chevron Morse Key.

I am sure you will have many hours of fun using this hand built key. Each key is individually numbered and has been built by either myself or retired master engineer Alan G4HCD to exacting standards.

The magnets have undergone extensive testing and have been manufactured using the latest technology.
All parts have been manufactured with the latest computer controlled machinery to ensure trouble free operation.

Because all operators have different styles and preferences, the finger plates can be adjusted to suit by simply loosening the centre screw until you have the plate where you like it.

Other plates are available so if your current set is not to your liking take a look on our web site to find an alternative.

During testing, we found it very easy to send at speeds above your normal operating standards with these silky smooth keys. Please remember it may sound impressive but no-one likes to reply to a station that cannot copy at a speed they are using.

The art of sending is not about speed, it is about correct character formation and spacing.
These keys will not spell the words for you so please take time getting used to it before you start using it on the bands in earnest! To clean the contacts on your key, just open the gap slightly on the contact post to allow some clean white paper (Vellum or similar) to fit between the gap. By lightly pressing the lever against the contact, you can draw the paper through the two surfaces to remove any dirt that may have accumulated. DO NOT use abrasive paper or a file to burnish your contacts.

A tip used to keep the finger plates smooth during humid conditions is this.
Get some “Blue Tack” and roll it into a small ball. Squeeze it between your keying thumb and finger. This will remove dirt and sweat from the skin. Then sprinkle a little talcum powder on the skin. (I keep some in a small container and just put my finger and thumb in there).

This allows for a smooth feel on your plates even during the warmest conditions.

Initially, it was not my intention to coat the metals. During test sessions, my key received lots of handling and cleaning the key became a chore. So now all keys have an electro coated lacquer applied to the metals to prevent this problem. This has incurred additional costs but I am happy to know your key will look just as nice in 12 months time as the day it was delivered.

Should you want the ultimate finish to the ultimate key, we now offer a 9 carat gold plated version of the key. They are simply stunning.

Have fun and if you like your key, tell your friends.

If you have a problem, please contact me and if I do nothing about it, tell everybody.

All the prototypes have been tested over a three year period with no adverse comments by fellow CW Operators in the UK and USA.

Most have been in daily use during that time.

Information can be found about The Chevron Key and their owners on the web site. Read their comments to see what you are missing.

73       Kevin Gunstone
FOC #1812, HSC # 1824, Fists # 6017


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